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When you’re undergoing cancer treatments or need frequent intravenous medications, board-certified physician Mohammed Islam, MD, and his team at Vein and Vascular Solutions NYC offer on-site port placement procedures to make treatments easier and safer. At the offices in Staten Island and the Midwood area of Brooklyn, New York, the skilled team of physicians offer same-day port placement surgeries using minimally invasive techniques. They also provide comprehensive care after surgery to prevent infections and other potential complications. Learn more about your options for port placement by calling Vein and Vascular Solutions NYC, or by requesting an appointment online now.

Port Placement Q & A

Why do I need a port placement?

Port placement is a medical procedure where the Vein and Vascular Solutions NYC medical team implants a small medical device under your skin which connects to a vein that leads directly to your heart.

This port allows access to your blood vessels when you need medications or if you need procedures to remove excess fluids from your body. The port makes it convenient and safer for you to undergo these treatments frequently.

What can I expect during port placement surgery?

Inserting a port is a same-day surgical procedure that the Vein and Vascular Solutions NYC medical team offers on-site.

You can expect to receive sedative medications to keep you relaxed and comfortable. Your doctor also provides a local anesthetic before making a small incision in the treatment area. Using fluoroscopy, real-time X-ray technology, your Vein and Vascular Solutions NYC provider guides a catheter into a vein.

To hold the port, your doctor makes a small pocket below your collarbone. They insert a tube under your skin that connects to the port to your vein.

After the port is in the proper position, your Vein and Vascular Solutions NYC, provider closes the incision with stitches or medical glue.

How do I care for my port at home?

Your Vein and Vascular Solutions NYC doctor provides comprehensive resources to ensure you take proper care of your port site to prevent infections and other complications.

In the initial days after your port placement, you need to keep the area dry and lightly covered to keep debris away. You may take over-the-counter pain relievers to address any discomfort you have because of the procedure.

It’s important to check the port site daily to identify signs of infection as early as possible. These signs can include:

  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Drainage
  • Excessive bleeding

If the surgical site becomes extremely tender or painful, call Vein and Vascular Solutions NYC as soon as possible.

If you’re in need of port placement surgery, call Vein and Vascular Solutions NYC today to schedule an appointment or book a consultation online now.