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As many 12 million people have peripheral arterial disease in the United States. At Vein and Vascular Solutions NYC, in Staten Island and the Midwood area of Brooklyn, New York, board-certified physician Mohammed Islam, MD, and his team offer on-site diagnostics and treatment services for peripheral arterial disease. The team uses state-of-the-art ultrasound technology to evaluate the health of your blood vessels and provide minimally invasive treatment options to improve blood flow. Learn more about your options for treating peripheral arterial disease by calling Vein and Vascular Solutions NYC today or by requesting an appointment online now.

Peripheral Arterial Disease Q & A

What is peripheral arterial disease?

Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is a circulatory condition that develops when your arteries narrow and reduce the flow of blood into your arms and legs. It’s usually your legs that lack proper blood flow, which can lead to difficulties walking and chronic pain.

If you have peripheral artery disease, it may also be an indication that you have atherosclerosis, a condition where fatty deposits build up in your arteries, further blocking blood flow to your legs, heart, and brain.

What are the symptoms of peripheral arterial disease?

In addition to chronic leg pain and difficulties walking, you may develop symptoms of peripheral arterial disease like:

  • Leg numbness
  • Painful leg cramps
  • Discoloration of skin

You may also notice that your leg hair and toenails aren’t growing normally and you may experience frequently coldness or weakness in your legs.

How is peripheral arterial disease diagnosed?

The diagnostic team at Vein and Vascular Solutions NYC provides on-site technologies to diagnose peripheral arterial disease. In addition to a physical exam and a review of your medical history, the doctors use state-of-the-art ultrasound equipment to get a closer look at your blood vessels.

You may also need an angiography, a procedure where your doctor injects a contrast dye into the blood vessels and follows its movement with specialized X-ray technology. This allows the Vein and Vascular Solutions NYC medical team to evaluate how well blood is flowing throughout your body.

What treatments are available for peripheral arterial disease?

The Vein and Vascular Solutions NYC staff perform minimally invasive angioplasty procedures that use a small balloon that inflates to widen your vessels. Your doctor inserts a small catheter into the affected blood vessel and gently inflates the balloon to address blockages.

You may also be a candidate for laser ablation treatments, a nonsurgical treatment that uses laser energy to destroy damaged blood vessels, forcing blood into nearby healthy arteries.

Lifestyle changes, such as eating a heart-healthy diet, getting more exercise, and quitting smoking reduce your risk for peripheral arterial disease and are important for preventing a worsening of your condition.

In some cases, medications to thin your blood or reduce cholesterol may also be a necessary part of your treatment.

To schedule a diagnostic appointment for peripheral arterial diseases, call Vein and Vascular Solutions NYC today or request an appointment online now.