Noticing the Signs of Peripheral Arterial Disease

Symptoms related to peripheral arterial disease (PAD) typically start very subtly, so they may be hard to identify initially. Still, there are some signs and symptoms to watch for, and understanding your risk factors may alert you that it’s time to see a specialist.

Our team of board-certified physicians at Vein and Vascular Solutions NYC in the Midwood area of Brooklyn, New York, specializes in minimally invasive treatments for conditions that affect your vascular health, including PAD.

Read what these highly respected experts have to say about PAD, the symptoms to watch for, and what it might mean for your overall health.

What is peripheral arterial disease (PAD)?

Caused by narrowing of the arteries that supply blood to your extremities, PAD is a circulatory issue that’s most common in the legs. The narrowing is typically due to the buildup of fatty deposits (plaque) in your arteries. Other causes for PAD include inflammation of blood vessels, injury to the affected limb, and radiation exposure during cancer treatments.

While concerning on its own, PAD is often a sign of more widespread damage related to atherosclerosis, which can lead to heart attack, stroke, and other serious issues.  

Who is at risk for PAD?

Factors that increase your risk of developing peripheral artery disease include:

Identifying your risks of developing PAD may alert you to this progressive condition’s early warning signs and symptoms.

What are the symptoms of PAD?

Symptoms of PAD are typically very subtle initially and worsen as the disease advances. You may notice symptoms in one or both legs, which can include:

The leg pain related to advanced PAD can vary in intensity and may eventually occur at rest and with activity.

How do you treat PAD?

Here at Vein and Vascular Solutions, we offer a comprehensive approach to treating PAD that may include:

Any treatment we offer begins with a thorough evaluation and an accurate diagnosis of the condition causing your symptoms.

For outstanding care delivered in a patient-focused environment, schedule an evaluation at Vein and Vascular Solutions NYC today.

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